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I have a new site! http://hottopicmusic.com/


Alphabeat – DJ

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Alphabeat's "DJ"

Danish six-piece Alphabeat didn’t get the attention they deserved with the release of their second album The Beat Is… and are now hoping their next single from the album will bring them back into the spotlight. My first thoughts: “Hmm, not much chance with it being the third single and everything…” Then: “WAIT, IT’S DJ?!” Place in the spotlight secured. The song has been edited for the mainstream single release but thankfully doesn’t lose any of it’s original charm and the name on everyone’s mind will be DJ (I Could Be Dancing) rather than simply DJ.

Just like the entire album, the official video is more 90s than denim overalls, furbies, Mr Blobby, MC Hammer pants, orange soda and the power rangers all made into some weird inedible 90s soup, and I love it. It features a lot of pretty amazing outfits (does Stine’s neon make-up midway through make anyone else think she looks like a parrot? Maybe the neon make-up/parrot section of my brain’s just a bit messed up) and some awkward dancing by the boys atop of a giant revolving turntable. The result is what’s definitely their best video to date. And if the idea of all the spinning hypnotic-looking circles was part of some sort of sinister plan to hypnotise us into watching over and over again, congratulations guys.

We might not be able to get our hands on the downright amazeballs 100,000″ vinyls from the video, or Stine’s record head-piece that I’m thinking of stealing; but we can have something very nearly as cool: 12″ singles with (wait for it…) sticker sheets! Don’t sound disappointed, my many dreams of customizing Alphabeat records with different labels can now be a reality. All three formats come with Biffco’s remix and many more are included over the CD, 12″ and digital release that shouldn’t disappoint judging by past remixes. We’ll be able to check them all out on May 31st! DJ is guaranteed to do well, Alphabeat have made one of the catchiest songs I’ve heard in a long time!

Marina & The Diamonds – I Am Not A Robot

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Marina And The Diamonds' "I Am Not A Robot"

Marina Diamandis’ third single from her debut album The Family Jewels is a re-release of the brilliant I Am Not A Robot. At first I was a bit unsure if the re-release was a good idea, there are still a few tracks tracks that have so much potential if they were chosen as a single, but now I have to agree with Marina; “people seem to empathize and relate with the song, regardless of gender or age” which will definitely make it a crowd-pleaser and show people she can be successful with something completely different to her breakthrough single Hollywood. The single release of Robot comes with a shiny new drum beat which helps to make the song even more of a belter along with Marina’s heartfelt and as powerful as ever vocals.

To go with the slight changes within the song, Marina has released something you can’t exactly call a new video and isn’t meant to be a new video either. Okay, it’s really just her walking down Hollywood Boulevard with some sort of PVA glue/shampoo she forgot to wash out in her hair while lip-syncing to her song and getting some weird looks from people passing by. But it’s really quite good. Thankfully the official video is still the original directed by Rankin and Chris Cottam, featuring lots of glitter, paint, dramatic arm movements and hair blowing in the fake wind. You can always still enter the video remake competition if you have a better idea!

The sparkling pop-gem Shampain has already been lined up as the fourth single for a late June release, I’m hoping Girls will be next. I Am Not A Robot is out April 26th in the UK; the EP comes with three remixes including Clock Opera’s and also an acoustic version.